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Services and Rates

Regularly scheduled Massage is an investment in your health.

RELAXATION MASSAGE   60 MINUTE $80.00   (90 min $120.00)

Swedish massage is a gentle, rhythmic stroke promoting relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, and gentle muscle therapy.  A perfect massage for the beginner, the client seeking stress reduction, the elderly, or anyone with  an underlying illness or condition.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (MODERATE TO DEEP TISSUE)   60 MINUTE $85.00, 75 Min $100, 90 Min $120.00

Therapeutic Massage utilizes a combination of techniques for more a more focused treatment of tight, knotted, or injured areas, as well as allowing for relaxation too.  Perfect for those with Lower Back pain, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Neck and shoulder stiffness from computer work or frequent driving. May also include IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), Soft Cupping, stretching or joint mobilization. Pressure level is adjusted for each clients comfort.     

REIKI MASSAGE   75 Minute $95.00   A relaxing swedish-style massage with episodes of Reiki Energy Therapy throughout the session.    

HOT STONE Massage   60 Minutes $95.00

This is a lovely, relaxing Swedish massage using hot basalt stones held in my palms. The addition of heat is ultra-relaxing, soothing and pain-reducing. Many with Fibromyalgia find this massage beneficial. 


The perfect treatment for those with long-term muscle trigger points, or stuck fascia, or for an overall DETOXIFICATION of the muscle tissue post injury or surgery.

 30 minute $55.00 (one area of focus), 60 minute $110 and 90 minute $150 include Deep tissue massage.


Reflexology has its roots in Chinese Medicine. The points on the feet correspond to all areas of the body. Application of pressing and rubbing motions to these areas is not only super relaxing but can also promote health and wellness.  Increased blood flow, stimulation of the nerves, and reduction in tissue edema are just a few benefits. 

30 min seated session, $50        60 min includes foot bath and heated reclining spa bed. $80

Infrared Heat Sauna   Infrared Heat Therapy Sessions can provide reduction of chronic pain, improvement of cardiovascular function, decrease in blood pressure, improvement of skin conditions, aid in weight loss, provide detoxification of the body, soften muscle and collagen tissues prior to deep tissue massage. AND MUCH MORE.

Call for details!  Pre-massage session, 20min for $25. 

 Stand-alone appointments, 30 min $35, 45 min $50

Sides and Add-on's for any massage:

Dry Brushing $5.00,  Aromatherapy $5.00,  10 Minutes Reiki Therapy $25

Unfortunately, because there are people who have an inappropriate impression of what a Massage Therapist does, I must say...This is a professional massage therapy office, I DO NOT offer or allow any type or form of sexual conduct. ALL clients will be appropriately draped at all times. If a client's behavior is deemed inappropriate, the massage will be terminated immediately, full price payment will still be required, and if necessary, I reserve the right to notify the authorities. 


HEAVEN SENT REIKI ENERGY SESSIONS  with Cynthia DiMartino    60 Min  $75.00   

Energy therapy involves working with the vibrational energy field all humans contain.  This treatment involves very gentle, limited touch and is done with the client fully clothed. 

MEDITATION PROGRAM offers bi-monthly Guided Meditation first and third Saturdays at 10am, walk-ins welcome, $15pp.  Call for information on additional dates and times. 


Meditation 101 is a beginners class for the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Meditation. Classes available, RSVP required...please call for details. 


We accept cash, personal check, all major credit cards, and HSA and FSA cards (with approval from your insurance carrier)

First Responder and Veterans 20% discount  (* on massage services only)



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