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Services and Rates


    Regularly scheduled Massage is an investment in your health.

WAVES OF RELAXATION MASSAGE   60 MINUTE $95, 90 min $125  Swedish massage is a gentle, rhythmic stroke (light to medium pressure) promoting relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, and gentle therapeutic muscle therapy.  A perfect massage for the beginner, maintenance sessions after therapeutic goals have been met, the client seeking stress reduction, the elderly, or anyone with  an underlying illness or condition.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE with KRISTIN  60min $95.00, 75Min $110, 90Min $125.00   This massage is a moderate to deep tissue massage. Deep relaxation, relief for stiff and tight muscles, improved ROM and pain reduction are the benefits you will receive. 

MUSCULAR THERAPY SESSION with JANIS   30m $70, 60m $110, 90m $140   Janis has completed numerous certifications in muscular treatment and pain reduction. This session is for those needing PAIN or Injury treatment, Athletic/sports massage, and Deep Tissue Massage for correction of poor muscle patterns, restoration of Range of Motion, and reduction or elimination of pain. Use of Chinese and soft cupping, IASTM (Gua Sha), and Myofascial Release techniques bring amazing results. This can be a full body massage or a focused injury specific session. Janis is known for intense sessions, however, the massage will be adjusted to your comfort level.                                                                            Therapeutic massage w/out use of tools, 60m $100, 90m $130.

INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE WITH LYNN  60M $110, 75m $125, 90M $140.  This is a Therapeutic massage which integrates multiple techniques based on Client needs. Variable pressure massage, Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment, Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapies combined to relax the body, release fascial adhesions and reduce tightness. Designed to restore function, relieve pain, re-balance and re-educate the body. 

REIKI MASSAGE  with Janis   75 Minutes $110A relaxing therapeutic massage with episodes of Reiki Energy Therapy throughout the session leaves you relaxed...physically and mentally!  Reiki energy is also know to reduce pain and promote emotional wellness.  

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY WITH LYNN  60m $90, CST is a noninvasive therapy using gentle touch on the body any where the CST rhythm can be felt. It can reduce compression or tension, help remedy Cerebral Spinal fluid imbalance within the central nervous system, which in turn can alleviate symptoms associated with a number of conditions including chronic pain, migraines, TMJ disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. CST helps relax the fascia, or connective tissue, that exists throughout the body. To receive a session clients rest comfortably on the table and remain fully clothed. This session does not include massage. 

60 minute FOOT MASSAGE  $90 Beginning with a warm epsom salt foot soak, followed by thorough massage on the feet. This is great for diabetics, neuropathies, Plantar Fasciitis and ANYONE who loves to pamper their tootsies!  

LYMPHATIC DETOX MASSAGE  60min $115  Lymphatic massage accompanied by a special detox blend oil. 

CUSTOMIZE YOUR SESSION BY ADDING ONE OF THESE....Dry Brushing $10.00,  Aromatherapy $5.00,        CBD Massage Oil $25.00

HEAVEN SENT REIKI with Cynthia DiMartino    30min $65, 45min $80, 60min $95   Reiki Energy therapy is working with the vibrational energy field all humans contain. Gentle, limited touch allows the body to open and align the energy flow, correcting imbalances and promoting wellness on an emotional and physical level.


Unfortunately, because some people have an inappropriate impression of what Massage Therapists do, I must say...This is a professional massage therapy office, I DO NOT offer or allow any type or form of sexual conduct. ALL clients will be appropriately draped at all times. If a client's behavior is deemed inappropriate, the massage will be terminated immediately, full price payment will still be required, and I reserve the right to notify the authorities. 


We accept cash, personal check, all major credit cards, and HSA and FSA cards (with approval from your insurance) 

    First Responder and Veterans 20% discount  (with Janis only). *you must ask for this*



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